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  • NCSA Mosaic: the original web browser - for fans like me, it is still available from this link
  • Firefox: a really fast and excellent web browser in my opinion with some fantastic plug-ins, great for web designers
  • Opera: a really fast and excellent web browser in my opinion - it is our favourite alongside Firefox
  • Safari: Apple's answer to web browsing - this is also a really cool browser
  • Netscape: was around before Internet Explorer!
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  • FreeWebSpace: an index of free ISPs
  • Pair.Com: the company that hosts this site
  • Nominet: the Internet registry for .uk domain names
  • Fasthosts: who we use for domain name registration
  • SmatWhois: who we use for domain lookups as it is great for organising information and doing bulk searching, etc
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  • Google: the most popular search engine of the new milenium - you'd better made sure your web site appears in it!
  • Alta Vista: used to be the "God" of the search engines for geeks
  • Excite: pretty groovy
  • Hot Bot: doncha just love the name!
  • Lycos: was once the most popular back in the late nineties for "general" use
  • MetaSearch: a "big gun" search engine
  • PowerSearch: another "big gun" search engine
  • Yahoo: the famous web-directory - once the most famous way to search for stuff
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