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Why choose us?

didilogix.com is no longer in business - the details below have been left here purely for information purposes.
Didi Barnes is now a partner of First Base Technologies.

  1. Our ability to hand code and not rely on web design programs means you don't get "templatey-looking" pages
  2. Our design abilities mean you get a bespoke web site that is carefully tailored to enhance your corporate image
  3. Our "Client Zone" means you can view your site in all phases of its development: from conception to birth
  4. We are with you every step of the way to producing a beautiful, bespoke and user-friendly web site
  5. Design meetings mean we can hand code changes in front of you (within reason!) so you can see your site evolve in front of your very eyes
  6. We study to keep abreast of new coding and design techniques in order that our skill set may evolve alongside the evolution of web technologies
  7. We can provide skills transfer in order that your own people can update your web site, saving you in webmastering fees
  8. Our partnership with Pair Networks gives you first class web hosting and e-mail facilities
  9. Our experience in marketing means we can suggest domain names that will enhance your ability to get noticed
  10. Our extensive experience of Google Pay-Per-Click™ means we can get you listed near the top on Google
  11. Our marketing experience means we can help design literature, exhibition stands and marketing materials that compliment the design of the web site - or design the web site that compliments your literature!

Didi Barnes is a member of:
The International Webmasters Association The HTML Writers Guild

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